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Natural 13 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha



Natural 13 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha (13 faced Rudraksh) also called Trayodash Rudraksh  represents Lord Indra,  the King of Devas, and God of rain and thunder. It is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and happiness. This holy Rudraksh is blessed by Lord Kamdeva (God of love and attraction) and Goddess Mahalakshmi. The ruling planet is Venus which is associated with wealth and worldly possessions. With their blessings the wearer can fulfill all his desires and lead a harmonious happy life.

The benefits of 13 Mukhi Rudraksh (Terah mukhi Rudraksh) are manifold. This Rudraksh is also called “Indra Rudraksh” due to its association with Lord Indra. The blessings and protection of Indra Devta is gained by the wearer. The bead enhances the will power, confidence and the determination of the user.

Lord Kamdeva (Cupid god) blesses the wearer of 13 Mukhi Rudraksh by fulfilling all his worldly desires. The wearer is bestowed with success in love life and intimate relationships. It helps to enhance the creativity and passion inside him. The bead assists in fostering love connection, finding a suitable partner, and building a harmonious relationship. It bestows the user with the charm and attractiveness of Kamdev (Cupid god).

Terah Mukhi is blessed by Goddess Laxmiji which provides wealth, riches and prosperity to its user. By reciting the Laxmi Sukti or Mahalaxmi Strot one can achieve immeasurable profits.

Astrologically, the original Natural 13 Mukhi Nepali  Rudraksha nullifies the negative effects of planet Venus and Moon.

Medicinally, this Rudraksh helps in the treatment of sexual disorders, low desire and infertility. It improves the functioning of urinary and reproductive organs. Also the bead is helpful in curing lower back pain, sciatica, and kidney related problems.

How to wear : As regards wearing the holy Rudraksh, it can be worn as a pendant around the neck or as a wrist bracelet. This can be worn in silk or cotton thread, and with a capping of gold, silver or ashtdhatu (an alloy comprising eight metals).

Method of wearing: 13 Mukhi Rudraksh  is worn on any auspicious day such as Monday, Full Moon Day or a festival related to Lord Kamdev or Goddess Lakshmi. After taking a bath, clean the holy bead raw cow milk, Panchamrit (a mixture of milk, curd, honey, ghee and sugar). There after clean with Gangajal or any other holy water and put on a copper plate at the place of worship. After chanting the mantra  “Om Hreem Namah” at least 108 times, wear the Rudraksha.

Administrators, Actors, Politicians, Leaders and Stage Artists are advised to wear this Rudraksh to attain success in their fields. Since Lord Indra is called the King of gods, the wearer is blessed by all other gods as well.


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