2 Mukhi Rudraksha has the blessings of Ardhnarishwar form of Lord Shiva. This form is the most powerful and revered form of Lord Shiva as it represents the unification of Shiv and Shakti (man and Woman). The wearer is is blessed with wealth, good health and prosperity. It helps to maintain good relations between family members as well as between business partners, colleagues, or friends. The ruling Planet of 2 Mukhi (Two Faced) Rudraksha is Moon.
The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha or Dwimukhi Rudraksh comes in two varieties – Nepali and Indonesian. Nepali beads are larger than their Indonesian counterparts. A third variety is also available in the market. It comes from Haridwar but is not authentic and does not have the natural hole in it. This can be worn as a substitute but is less effective. So, an Original 2 Mukhi Rudraksh should be preferred.

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