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We Deal in 100% Natural Lab Certified Rudraksha and Gemstones and Natural Healing Crystals.
Kailasha Rudraksh
Unit of Salasar Ji Gems LLP

Leader Since 1996

There are countless stores for you to fulfill your desires of owning a valued Rudraksha or a precious gemstone but not every store will be able to provide you with the highest quality of  Rudraksha/ Certified Gemstones that we at Kailasha Rudraksh (A Brand of  Salasar Ji Gems) promise to. We are one of the Top Business House in North India for offline Selling of Rudraksh and Gems Stones.  And a Market Leader in Nepali and Indonesian Rudraksha as well as exclusive Natural Gemstones. Our business is built on the foundation of trust and we are fully committed to enchant you with the quality of products that we provide and give you a reason to visit us again.

Salasar Ji Gems (Brand Owner of Kailasha Rudraksh )have been active for almost 25 years now and every ounce of experience and knowledge that we have gained over these years is used for providing you with a satisfactory purchase. We are fully dedicated and determined in ensuring that you are comfortable and pleased with our services. Along with the vast amounts of experience, we also have a lot of variety that ensures that everyone will be able to find something to their liking. We specialize in a great variety of Natural Rudraksha and Original gemstone like Burma Ruby(Manik) StoneEmerald(Panna) Stone, Diamonds, Blue Sapphire (Neelam) StoneYellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) StonePearl(Moti)Red Coral(Moonga) StoneOpal Stone.  Buy Online or from our Store.  At Kailasha Rudraksh you can  explore a vast variety of Natural Lab Certified Rudraksh and Rudraksh Beads,  Natural Nepali Rudraksh Bracelet,  Natural Nepali Rudraksh Beads (Mala),  5 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala, 1 Mukhi To  14 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha,  Rudraksha Sidh Mala,  Nepali Rudraksha/Gauri Shankar rudraksha/Ganesh Rudraksha, etc.. Also available are unheated and untreated best quality Gemstone Like Burma Ruby (Manik), Basra Pearl,GIA Certified Basra Pearl (Moti), Natural Venuzuala Pearl, Ceylon Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Blue Sapphire (Neelam), peridot, cat’s Eye, Pitambari, Zambian and Colombian Emerald (Panna), White sapphire (Safed Pukhraj), hessonite (Gomed) Natural Australian opal stone, Natural Double Firing Opal, Natural Single Firing Opal,  red coral (Moonga), Japani Coral (Moonga) Italian Coral, Firoza, garnet gemstone, topaz gemstone, pink sapphire, citrine, amethyst (Jamunia), moonstone, Navratan gemstone, Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire,  Turquoise Gemstone, South sea Pearl, Natural Keshi Pearl,Natural Gomed, Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire, Certified Natural Blue Sapphire, Certified Natural Burma Ruby, Certified Natural Pink Sapphire, Certified Natural Emerald (Panna), Certified Natural Sunela, Certified Natural Cat’s Eye, Certified Natural Australian Opal , Certified Natural Peridot, Certified Natural White Sapphire , Certified Natural Firoza, Original Iolite (Kaka Nili),Natural Iolite (Kaka Nili),Natural Certified Celony Pitambari,Natural White Sapphire, Natural White Coral, Natural White Zircon, Anural Aquamarine ,Natural Blue Topaz, Natural Pink Sapphire, Natural Star Ruby, Natural Tanzanite, Natural Garnet, Natural Amber Stone, Natural Moon Stone, Natural Red Garnet , NaturalTourmaline, Natural White Topaz, Natural Blue Zircon,Natural Golden South Sea Pearl, Natural Tahitin (Black) Pearl, Natural Certified Emerald Beads, Natural Certified Blue Sapphire Beads, Natural Rainbow Beads,Natural South Sea Pearl Beads, Red Coral Beads ( Mala), Natural Azurite, Natural Black Tourmaline, Natural Green Tourmaline, Natural Blood Stone , Natural Onyx,Natural Suntone, Natural Tiger Eye Stone , Natural Tiger Eye,Natural Rose Quartz, Natural Sulemani Hakik,Natural Aventurine Quartz, Natural Healing Bracelet , Natural Japa Mala,  Natural Healing Stones, etc. All our products are certified by the reputed Gems Testing Laboratory. No matter what kind of a Rudraksha or gemstone you desire, you can always rely on us to provide you with the finest of the finest. 

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