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Amethyst Shivling


Amethyst Shivling Healing Power of Amethyst Shiva Lingam


Amethyst Shivling Healing Power of Amethyst Shiva Lingam

An Amethyst Shivling is a sacred object in Hinduism, which is made from Amethyst crystal. It is a lingam-shaped stone that is considered to be very powerful and is used for various spiritual and healing purposes.

The lingam shape represents the divine masculine energy, while the Amethyst crystal is believed to have several spiritual properties. It is believed to be a stone of spiritual protection and purification, and is also thought to promote calmness, peace, and balance.

In Hinduism, the Shivling is regarded as a symbol of Lord Shiva, who is one of the principal deities in Hinduism. The Amethyst Shivling is therefore often used as a tool for meditation and for connecting with the divine energy of Lord Shiva.

Overall, the Amethyst Shivling is considered to be a powerful spiritual tool that can help one to connect with their inner self, find inner peace, and improve their overall well-being.

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Benefits of Amethyst Shivling
Amethyst Shivling is a sacred object in Hinduism that is believed to have numerous benefits. Some of the benefits associated with Amethyst Shivling are:
  1. Spiritual Growth: Amethyst Shivling is believed to enhance spiritual growth and aid in meditation. It is said to activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, helping individuals connect with their higher self and the divine.
  2. Protection: Amethyst Shivling is considered a powerful protective stone. It is believed to ward off negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful entities.
  3. Healing: Amethyst Shivling is believed to have healing properties that can help alleviate physical and emotional ailments. It is said to promote calmness and inner peace, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance overall well-being.
  4. Creativity and Intuition: Amethyst Shivling is said to enhance creativity, intuition, and imagination. It is believed to stimulate the mind and help individuals connect with their inner creativity.
  5. Spiritual Balance: Amethyst Shivling is believed to balance the energies in the body and promote spiritual balance. It is said to help individuals achieve a sense of harmony and balance in their lives.

Overall, Amethyst Shivling is considered a powerful and sacred object that can help individuals on their spiritual journey and promote overall well-being.

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Amethyst Shivling




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