Why Should We Wear Ruby (Manik) : The enchanting red radiance of a ruby is enough to charm anyone who lays eyes upon it.

The glittering gemstone is pleasing to look at and can improve the aesthetic appearance of anyone who wears it.

Ruby, or Manik, is an organically occurring stone from the mineral corundum family, receiving its signature and enthralling red colour from Chromium.

But the artistic beauty is not the only significance this jewel holds. It holds great importance from an astrological perspective as well.

Why should we wear Ruby (Manik)

Astrological significance –

This beautiful red gemstone is strongly associated with the sun, offering a welcome interlude from negativities and bringing fortunes to its wielder.

Vedic astrology states Ruby to be associated with the Navel Chakra of one’s body, which it stimulates to remove any self doubt and help instate a confident, positive outlook towards life.

Benefits –

The sun symbolises a father figure in Vedic Astrology, and so it is only fitting for the Ruby stone to cast a positive impact on paternal relationships. Removing any and all negative restraints and helping the wearer maintain a positive paternal connection. A ruby ring, pendant, or bracelet is a good solution for anyone who seeks comfort in regard to their parental relations.

Additionally, Ruby also holds great significance in improving one’s physical health. Being an organically occurring stone in the earth’s core, Ruby is known to greatly improve one’s vitality. Being the representation of the Sun, someone suffering from Vitamin D deficiency can benefit from wearing the stone as well.

The Ruby gemstone also proves to have a positive impact on one’s marital life. Often used in wedding rings, it is a preferred choice of couples for maintaining a positive relationship and moving past any obstacles they might face.

Moving outwards, Ruby also brings fame and recognition to its wearer. As mentioned before, it improves one’s self confidence and is bound to help achieve success in all professional and creative fields.

Looking at it objectively, a Ruby stone holds the capability of improving many aspects of one’s life and is definitely an excellent choice of stone to wear. But one should make sure that the Ruby they have chosen possesses the right shade of red and consistent color since the colour of the stone greatly affects the value it holds.

How to wear –

To ensure maximum benefits of the ruby stone, the following guide should be followed –

Before wearing this gemstone, it should be cleaned off of its impurities by being placed in milk, with honey, pure ganga water, flowers and ghee.

Post cleaning, the Surya Graha mantra must be chanted 108 times before putting the ruby ring on the ring finger of either hand.

Maintenance and Cleaning –

For cleaning, a bowl of warm water and dish soap can be used.

Soak the gemstone in the water for around 15 minutes before taking it out and scrubbing gently with a soft brush or cloth.