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3 Mukhi Rudraksha


3 Mukhi Rudraksha With Lab Certificate Origin Nepali. Size 17.60 x 18.20 x 14.20 mm.


3 Mukhi Rudraksha (Trimukhi Rudraksha) is represented by Agni (Fire), one of the 5 elements of Panchatatva. The ruling deity is Agnidev (God of Fire). Fire holds a very important place in Hindu culture. It can be as simple as lighting a Diya daily for Puja (worship) or performing Havan on special occasions. Fire is regarded as a symbol of purity and energy. The wearer of 3 Mukhi (3 faced) Rudraksha is blessed with positive energy and radiance. It keeps away negativity, helps to ease tension and boosts up self-confidence.

The ruling planet of this Rudraksh is Mars. Therefore, wearing Trimukhi Rudraksh helps in nullifying the malefic effects of Mars (Mangal). People who have negative or inauspicious position of Mars in their horoscope can also wear three faced Rudraksha.

Benefits of 3 Mukhi Rudraksha:

* As this Rudraksh is blessed by Agni, wearing this will boost up your energy levels and helps to overcome lethargy and laziness.

*3 Mukhi Rudraksha is very beneficial for the students. It is believed to improve mental focus and concentration.

*As fire purifies everything by burning all the negativities, the wearer gets rid of all the sins committed in the past.

*People doing jobs should wear three faced Rudraksh. Wearing this holy bead provides them successful in work.

*It makes the wearer courageous and self-confident. So, those suffering from inferiority complex or mental strain can use the bead.

*As Trimukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Agni which is a symbol of purity, the wearer is aided in leading a pure life without any guilt.

*Three Mukhi Rudraksha is mostly recommended for children as it is believed to be the best Rudraksh for child protection.

*Helps in improving blood circulation, stomach illnesses and digestive problems.

Rules for wearing 3 Mukhi Rudraksha:  Always wear Rudraksh in red or yellow thread only. Never touch it with impure hands and wear it only after taking a bath. While wearing Rudraksha, the Mantra  “Om Namah Shivay” or “Om Kleem Namah” should be chanted atleast 108 times.. The Rudraksha worn by a person should never be given to someone else to wear. The holy Rudraksh can be worn in gold or silver either as a pendant or as a bracelet.

How to Wear Rudraksha : To get the desired result, 3 Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn on any Monday in the month of Shravan by chanting Shiva Mantra. On Mondays of Shravan month, first bathe the Rudraksha with pure water, then with a mixture of Panchamrit (milk-curd-honey-ghee-Mishri) and finally bathe it with Gangajal. Sitting in the place of worship in the house or in any Shiva temple, light a lamp using cow’s ghee, do tilak and put the 3 Mukhi Rudrakash on a red cloth in the holy place of worship in front of you. After chanting the mantra, rotate the Rudraksha 21 times over the flame of the lamp and wear it.

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Natural Lab Certified 3 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha


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