Rudraksha mala is a powerful tool that helps us to get rid of all the problems in life and achieve our goals. Rudraksha, the seed of the Rudra plant, is considered to be the king of all seeds and is used as an auspicious bead in India. It can fulfill any wish related to wealth, health, and relationships. The beads are obtained from the seeds of a tree called Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Rudraksha mala is a powerful, protective, and energizing tool. It is useful for people of all ages and professions, who may not have the time to remember and chant mantras, but wish to derive the same benefits. It is believed that wearing rudraksha mala can be beneficial to the body and mind, as they are linked to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha mala is one of the most powerful tool for meditation. It reduces stress and anxiety level, helps in gaining concentration, controls anger, and imparts serenity to the mind. It helps you focus on your breathing with meditative exercises which can be done while doing Japa. It contains 108 beads made from rudraksha seeds (believed to be originated from Lord Shiva’s eyes). Rudraksha Mala is considered to be a holy grail for Hindu devotees. Wearing it is considered to be auspicious not only for the wearer but also for the entire family. It is believed that it gives immense energy and power to meditate and stay focused.

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